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About Me

"Knowledge should be accessible to all" is my aim and the motto of my podcast.
I'm creating this podcast by interviewing Founders, Entrepreneurs and Experts, so that everyone has access to their wisdom, experience and knowledge.
I hope I'm able to do something with this intention and endeavour of mine.
-- Shruti Pandey

I'm Shruti :)
A writer, movie buff and an Empath soul, as a person. in IT by academic.
12+ years of working experience and many more to come :)

For the first 10 years while working with MNC's, Banks and Startups, I specialised in Testing and Solutions Engineering.

After my decade, I chose the Independent/ Solopreneur route :D

I now work with startups and companies and help them with my expertise in
Product (Testing)
and Growth & Strategy (Solutions Engineering)
as an Independent Consultant or as an Advisor
Happy to help you with my knowledge and experience :)

PS: These videos and channel are Shruti Pandey's Copyright.